12 Ways You Can Make Your Rental Property More Appealing With Under $500

Are you looking for a way to make your rental property more appealing to renters without breaking the bank? Here are some cheap and easy ways to make your rental apartment or home more appealing to potential renters that should cost you under $500. Feel free to utilize one or several of these home improvements to help you attract new renters to your property.

One of the easiest ways to make your home look newer, more modern and more appealing is by simply repainting it. While you might not be able to repaint an entire home or apartment, you might be able to repaint major rooms. Try painting rooms or creating accents with gray, beige or green colors which seem to be trendy these days.

Another budget friendly way to make your home more appealing is by changing up the flooring. You don’t have to change the flooring everywhere. If a carpet is especially worn out in a room, then change it there.

Try patching your roof. Often times you won’t need to have an entire roof replaced. A simple patch can fix your leaks and prevent costly and time consuming repair work.

Smart home technology is all the rage right now. Consider installing a smart home thermostat, enhanced WiFi in the property or the addition of some Google Home devices. These moves just might help you land a tech savvy renter and will add value to your property.

Try expanding your kitchen with a kitchen bar. Many people find this highly appealing and will rent out your unit if it has one. If you cannot expand existing countertops, then you might be able to create an island bar on its own somewhere.

If you have older kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets you can simply resurface to make them look much better. It will also clean them up a bit. This move just might make your home look a little more modern and clean.

An easy and quick renovation to the kitchen you can do is the addition of a backslash. A backsplash can enhance the appeal of your rental property and make it seem much more valuable in the eyes of the renter. This project can also be done rather quickly which is a big plus.

Working from home or remotely is a growing trend in the workforce right now. As a landlord you may want to consider creating what is known as flexible work space. This is a space that can be converted to a work desk or area and then back to a living area. Try creating such a space with cabinets, pantries or even a Murphy bed.

If you have an unfinished garage, consider finishing it. It should amaze prospective buyers and be a great addition to your property’s value. You can finish walls, add flooring and create storage space for a relatively low cost.

Older cabinets and doors can get a fresh look with some new hardware. By hardware we mean new knobs. There are even decorative knobs you can use for some more appeal.

Have you considered staging your rental property? $500 should be more than enough to have your property stage professionally. A staged home can really help you lure in new tenants to your property.

If you have older appliances, consider replacing them. Appliances to replace include the dishwasher, microwave and refrigerator. You may also want to add a washer and dryer. Most renters see new appliances and included washer and dryers as a big plus and will be willing to pay extra for this.

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